Monday - Friday: 8:15am - 4:00pm


Teachers, students and parents may check out books from the Houston library. The patron may check out as a maximum of two books. However, if they are not returned in two weeks, the patron will be limited to how many books they check out in the future.


Respect the space and the resources by:
  • Cleaning up your area, pushing in your chair, and putting any trash in the
    trash can.
  • Checking out and returning all library materials.
  • Reporting all damaged resources immediately so they can be fixed.
  • Refraining from bringing any food or drink into the library.
  • Keeping feet off of the library furniture.
Respect others in the library by:
  • Speaking only in quiet tones. 
  • Listening and responding to the librarian when she is speaking.
  • Using the blue comfy chairs in the alcoves for quiet reading only.
  • Sitting only one person per computer. Please do not crowd around the
    computers to watch.
  • Using headphones when listening to anything with sound.
  • Conducting yourself with civility and refrain from running, chasing,
    roughhousing, fighting, jumping over furniture, etc.
  • Using language that is respectful and appropriate for scholars and
    empathetic global citizens.
  • Using the computer to search for content that would be comfortable and
    appropriate for everyone.
Respect yourself in the library by:
  • Coming to the library with a library purpose, either using the computer,
    working on homework, looking for a book, participating in a library
    program, or playing a quiet game.
  • Using your library time to grow and enrich your life. Do not use it to watch,
    play, or listen to things that will diminish you such as media with extreme
    violence or disrespectful language and attitudes.
  • Keeping electronics out of sight during instructional time.


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